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Loving it!  Showing my stuff in Warrenton, Tx. Spring 2018.

I'm an artist - designer and sign painter in Houston, Texas. I'm full of fire and passion when it comes to my work.  I've had a love for art and creating since I was a little girl. I love to sew and reconstruct new clothing out of other pieces. I also sign paint graphics for numerous restaurants in the area and nationwide. I also sell on the sites listed below, be sure to visit Latina Tina in Houston, Many Thanks and Love!  Tina

Anchored in Experience


So this is what all those garage sales were for! You have to read my blog to get it.  Plenty of information there, lol. While I had experience with that I also worked on a design team for 9 years, traveled nationwide and painted the graphics for upsacaled restaurants. I studied at the Art Institute of Houston for 2 years and am still learning new things everyday. I have a new experience and love for the shows. The picture above is in Warrenton, Tx. where I show in the Spring and the Fall. 

Building Relationships


I'm working with some friends  who have a brick and mortar store. More like a cute, old fashioned house of a store. Filled with chandeliers, very nice and lots of bling. I'm working to fill the store with all of my Mexican Eclectic Vibes!

Nov.9th, 2019 I will be at the Junk Hippy Show in Rosenberg, Tx. 

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